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I’ve said this on Twitter and I’ll say it again:  no one is happy about what’s happening to our embassies in the middle east. If there is an American who is celebrating any of this, they’re someone who justifies violence for their religion or policy, and in my opinion certainly no friend to this country.

The title of this post is a thinly veiled nod to a couple of popular Star Trek novels I liked, but it relates well to the predicament our current administration finds itself in. Is Egypt our enemy or our ally? Ask President Obama and he’ll tell you, as he already has one reporter, that Egypt is neither:  it’s a newly formed government that hasn’t proven its support of the United States yet. Honestly? I liked this response. It’s accurate after all, especially after what’s happened to our embassy in that country.

To steal an often used line from our President, make no mistake, Egyptian authorities had the power necessary to protect our embassy. Don’t forget that shortly before the new government took office, Egypt was entirely under martial law. Their military prowess to protect our embassy was there: it simply didn’t happen. And it’s one thing to peacefully protest and speak your mind, but its another to storm the walls of sovereign land, tear down the country’s flag, and replace it with your own shortly before looting the place and burning a building. Forget what the flag looked like or what it said for a second. That’s an attack, whether someone was harmed or not. We shouldn’t forget as well the reporters that were beaten within an inch of their life (and one female reporter was raped) during the revolution that saw Mubarak ousted as President of a country that had been stable for thirty years. Is this the Egyptian way?

Probably not. We have to remember that no matter how popular something may appear on television, there’s still a large amount of people who take no part in it. I remember distinctly our own country, and thousands of people that rallied to a protest called Occupy Wallstreet. At the time few people understood was Occupy was all about, although it took conservatives little time to figure out that the Occupiers were attacking the wealthy and, in many cases, Occupiers held sentiments that were Marxist in origin. After the cool, hipness of the Occupy movement died down and most normal folks went home, the people that were left were those hard core radical individuals that vary from Marxist to straight up anarchists whose motives were to cause as much chaos as humanly possible. In towns like Oakland, they succeeded: that city was completely wrecked by Occupiers that showed people in the media they had no qualms over using violence to achieve their goals.

There were a lot of liberal people who sympathized with the Occupy movement. After all, Occupy was supposedly a movement to fight economic inequality and that’s certainly something liberals are concerned about. However, clearly not all liberals actively engaged in Occupy, and I’m willing to bet most would disavow Occupy all together now, seeing they’re actively attacking Obama campaign locations.

In this same way, not all Egyptians are attacking our embassy. I’m sure there’s plenty of them looking on and wondering what the Hell is happening, just like we are. In Libya, things obviously got worse. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed when terrorist forces stormed the embassy there. According to an article on Breitbart,

The Libyan government, for all its supposed regret, seems less than troubled by the whole incident. Wissam Buhmeid, who commands the Tripoli government-sanctioned Shield Brigade, which operates as police in Benghazi, stated, “There were definitely people from the security forces who let the attack happen because they were themselves offended by the film; they would absolutely put their loyalty to the Prophet over the consulate. The deaths are all nothing compared to insulting the Prophet.”

But is that really what all of this was about? Some video that came out earlier in the year mocking the Prophet Muhammad? I have my doubts. It doesn’t take a genius to realize all the events happened on 9/11. Why decide to stage a protest to a random video that came out a long time ago on the anniversary of the most horrible terrorist attack on American soil in history? There’s a difference between showing the sole of your shoe to someone, and stomping on their face after all. This is a stomp if there ever were one.

Rumors may yeild an answer. Some people are saying the Egyptian embassy protests were literally a distraction for the planned raid on the Libyan embassy. Others have said that members of Osama bin Laden’s very large family were peppered throughout the crowd of the Egyptian protest. Some crowds have reportedly protested, “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama!”

And protests have started to sprout all over the middle east. Is this some kind of middle eastern Occupy movement against the United States? A grass roots effort? Or rather, is this astroturf, organized by a terrorist organization? Investigations are planned.

Whatever the case may be, I leave you with this gallery of images from others in Libya, who had no part in the raid against our embassy. At the very least, we can say that there is sympathy in the Muslim world for America.

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