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There’s still a lot of people who doubt that schools and school systems don’t reflect some sort of bias towards and against political stances. Amy Lutz, a student and member of the SLU College Republicans, calls for St. Louis University to disavow its double standard against Pro-Israeli speakers.

Comments on: "The Double Standard: St. Louis University Supports Anti-Israeli Speakers, Bans Pro-Israeli Speakers" (1)

  1. Amy, this is happening next week at SLU:
    Nov. 27: Israel’s Right to Annex Palestine, Noon-1 p.m., Room 03

    The Federalist Society welcomes Professor Eugene Kontorovich of Northwestern University Law School. Mr. Kontorovich will be speaking about international law as it applies to the Israel-Palestine conflict, particularly in reference to the settling of borders. He will challenge the popular misconception that Israel’s presence in Gaza and the West Bank is unlawful, and instead explain why Israel enjoys the legal right to unilaterally set its own borders, even to the point of annexing the Palestinian territories as a whole.

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