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I’ve already written about how the government under this current administration feels that the protests and attacks on the United States embassies in the Middle-East right now have nothing to do with American policy. What’s curious is that United States Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice is now parroting the administration’s message. As she explains in the video below, the Middle-East hates us because of this video, and this video alone.

Note her repeated mentioning of the Arab Spring. “Don’t worry guys! The Arab Spring is a success! Nothing to see here! Move along!”

Yet despite this, we know rocket propelled grenades were used on our embassy in Libya, a safehouse was attacked within the compound … are these the acts of an angry mob over a video? Or something more sinister?

The President of Libya thinks the attacks on our embassy in his country are the work of far more than simple rioters.

So what’s with this repeated insistence that this is over a video and a video alone? Is it because the administration is concerned about President Obama’s “soft-hand policies” becoming a campaign slogan? Or is it because of more damning concerns, like the fact that American sovereign soil could have been attacked, again, on September 11th?

There’s several theories floating around, like the idea that Hilary Clinton may be concerned because the marines stationed at the embassy in Libya were not allowed to use ammunition on her order. The validity of that is suspect, as this website points out.

However, the question remains why the current administration is pushing the importance of blaming this video on what seems to be coordinated civil unrest in Egypt and a very orchestrated and well-equipped attack on our embassy resulting in the murder of 4 Americans. Perhaps we should be asking these questions instead of being entranced by media coverage of riots?

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