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Patriots Empowered Podcast – Episode 1: The First Debate

And it begins! I have a bit of history with podcasts and thought that I could make up for my lack of posting recently by finally bringing a one man podcast to my blog! This week I’m talking about the first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, and how silly the excuses for his performance are.

It’s a 30 minute podcast and so should be a quick listen! Give it a go, and spread it around to the people who might like it!

Click Here to Download the Podcast
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The Patriots Empowered Podcast is distributed for free at www.patriotsempowered.com . All music is written and performed by The Voters and comes from their album Electile Dysfunction, and used with their expressed permission. All other rights reserved.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: The Most Terrible Disease You’ve Never Heard About

A handful of weeks ago, I came back from a vacation in Las Vegas thirsty the entire flight home. I proceeded to purchase and drink massive amounts of thirst quenching drinks like Gatorade, but it never really seemed to get better. At the time I’d also started to prepare a diet full of foods that were gluten free. You see, while on vacation, my doctor’s office had called me to say that my test results were back, and it turns out I was allergic to wheat. The idea of switching to an entirely gluten free diet was kind of a daunting task for me. Life changing, I thought. Life changing was just getting started for me, as it turned out. A couple of days after getting home I became sicker, and sicker, and finally went to the emergency room where I was diagnosed as a diabetic with a blood sugar level of 544. Talk about a double whammy.

Faced with the prospects of a strict eating schedule, along with shots of insulin 4 times a day, all now being truncated by the threat of having wheat in any of these meals, was kind of a shock to me. It’s taken me several weeks to get use to the idea and the motions, but use to it I have become. I’m alive, so I can say, and my life remains for the most part unaffected. What I thought was a terrible disease seems par for the course now.

It also seems a lot less serious when you think of some of the other diseases out there. Sure, everyone’s aware of cancer. But what if you were to go to the doctor and discover that your connective muscle tissues were turning into bone, there was no cure, and the older you grew the more restricted your life would become as you became encased in a prison made of your own second skeleton?


Rioter Logic: This Will Scare Them!

It’s worth noting this image is not from anything to do with the Middle-East riots now (at least not that I know of), but I still liked it.

Obama, Transparency and His Own Words

A fantastic video about how transparency has not gotten better, but worse.

American Elephants

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The War on Women and Why It Does Exist

It’s no secret I am not a fan of new left wing sensation Sandra Fluke. I want to explain to you specifically why. It’s not because I’m a white Republican that wishes to control womens’ vaginas (I’m not). I’m fond of facts, so let me present them, so I can tell you why there is indeed a war on women despite her.


Meet George Obama

In the anti-Obama documentary 2016: Obama’s America, D’Nesh interviews President Barack Obama’s impovershed half-brother. It’s interesting to see the ideas of a man who grew up and lived in a universe apart from the most powerful man in the world, and staying that way.

Outrage City: Greg Gutfeld’s Solution to a Bridge with the Middle-East

Greg Gutfeld is known on Fox News as the diminutive quick witted host of Red Eye and a cohost of The Five. Each episode Gutfeld has a segment where he talks about something bugging him, and on September 14th he highlighted the cultural difference between our American western culture, and how Middle-Eastern Islamic culture respond to things that anger them. His solution is sarcastic, of course, but it also makes a point. Is outrage and violence the only language that’s understood? Would there be calls to listen to us and be understanding if America responded to Middle-Eastern beheadings the same way they respond to a video?

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